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Spinach cake



  • Chopped spinach from Hortex 80-100 g
  • Spinach from Hortex about 50g
  • Apple juice from Hortex 250ml
  • Eggs 2 sztuki
  • Wheat flour 190 g
  • Pumpkin flour 60 g
  • Fresh spinach 80 g
  • Milk about 50ml
  • Sugar 180 g
  • Baking powder 2 (slightly less) teaspoons
  • Softened butter 80 ml
  • A bit of grated lime zest
  • Mascarpone 500ml
  • Whipped cream 500ml
  • Yoghurt, either plain or kiwi-flavoured 150ml
  • Lime zest to taste
  • Vanilla sugar to taste
  • Jelly with lemon grass/kiwi/apple flavour 1
  • Kiwis 6
  • Large, juicy apples 2

Did you know that...?

Today I have another cake recipe for you, although not an everyday one. Its base is made with spinach. The cake not only looks beautiful, brings spring into your home and generates a lot of interest, but also has a really interesting flavour combination that is worth trying again. 

Szpinak Rozdrobniony


Step 1

Spinach cake: for a cake tin (18-20 cm) 

Combine the dry ingredients in one bowl. Mix the wet ingredients in another bowl and mix everything together until smooth. Pour into the cake tin and bake for about 50 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Cut into three circles. 

Step 2


Whip the cream until it is 3/4 of the way there (i.e. not completely stiff) and add the mascarpone cheese, then mix briefly. Set aside about 1/3 of the mixture to coat the sides. 

Step 3

To the larger portion of the filling (the one for the inside), add the yoghurt and a portion of jelly/gelatine, and mix everything together. 

Step 4

Apple-kiwi jelly: 

Grate the fruit and simmer it in juice until it is almost soft. Then add the jelly/gelatine and mix everything thoroughly until dissolved. Set aside to cool and thicken. Mix 1/3 of the thickened jelly/gelatine with the cream filling (the one for the inside). 

Step 5

For soaking: 

50-70 ml Antonówka apple-flavoured vodka 

100 ml apple juice from Hortex 

70-100 ml water 

Step 6

Gently soak each circle. Spread a little kiwi jam on the first circle, then add a portion of the filling. Place the apple-kiwi jelly on the second circle, then add the filling and cover with the third circle. Smooth out the sides and cover with a thin layer of the filling. Place the cake in the fridge for a few hours – at least 1-2 hours – and then cover the sides and top with the remaining filling. 

Step 7

Decorate the top as desired. I prepared a chocolate ganache with a little green dye and decorated it with meringues, chocolate, sprinkles, pumpkin, and cake crumbs. 

Step 8

Remember that the glaze should have a liquid consistency but also the lowest possible temperature – do not pour it on freshly made, otherwise the filling will run. 

Step 9


Pour 50 ml of hot cream over about 130 g of white chocolate and mix in the dye.

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