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About us

Zdjęcie nagłówka strony

We do everything to make everyday nutrition based on vegetables and fruits easy and delicious and comfortable!

The best fruits and vegetables? Perfection of workmanship?

Highest quality? Natural without compromise?

Of course! that’s what we’ve been known for for years!

However, in order to create truly unique things, something else is needed… commitment, imagination and passion for creation.

This is the only way to create products that stand out with great taste!


Out of passion for fruits and vegetables, of course! We are passionate about finding and choosing the best and creating unique products from them! Because passion gives life a taste!

We preserve the taste of our fruits, vegetables and ready meals thanks to the oldest, safest and most friendly form of food storage – freezing. Thanks to this, all our products retain their nutritional values ​​and taste without the addition of chemicals.


Polski Ogród sp. z o.o. employs about 500 employees. During the period of purchase and processing of fruit and vegetables (July-December), this number is increased by seasonal workers.

In order to ensure the best efficiency, we concentrated the production and packaging of our frozen foods in a specialized, modern processing plant in Skierniewice. We also care about the distribution and availability of our products because we want to be as close to our consumers as possible.

Thanks to this, our products can be purchased in all types of stores offering food products.

Such a wide distribution is possible thanks to:

  • cooperation with specialized distributors operating throughout the country and leading retail chains
  • own sales force team covering 3 sales channels:
  • traditional retail (retail outlets)
  • modern sales channel (discount chains, convenience stores, super- and hypermarkets)
  • Horeca market (professional catering market – restaurants, bars, canteens and other catering outlets).