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Chorizo and pepperoni pizza

Delicious, mildly spicy pepperoni and zesty chorizo – this is a recipe for a unique pizza! In addition to the meaty toppings, the pizza also features peppers and red onions, which go perfectly with the delicious cheese! Definitely recommended for a big hunger! And definitely an option for fans of meat dishes. Remember – every one of our pizzas is baked in a stone oven, making it extra crispy!

Ingredients list

Tomato Puree Mozzarella Cheese Chorizo Sausage Mini Pepperoni Pepper Red Onion

Nutritional value for 100g of the product

  • Nutritional value for 100g of the product 958 kJ/ 228 kcal 
  • Fat 8,4 g 
  • including saturated fatty acids 3,1 g
  • Carbohydrates 27,9 g
  • including sugars 3,8 g 
  • Protein 9,1 g
  • Fiber 2,3 g
  • Salt 1,05 g

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